The idea is to participate in a workshop while being able to attend the many wood firings, exhibitions, conferences, etc... during this very special week at La Borne.

- I will guide you during four half days (morning or afternoon, as you wish), which are dedicated to throwning large pieces / 350 €.
- An optional fifth half-day is available for an introduction to work with thick slips / 65 €.
- The venue will remain available for the following two days to decorate the pieces (slips provided).

- One or more drawings (scale:1) of the pieces you want to make.
- The ability to turn 5 kg.
- Your own small tools and a bat per piece.

Organizer: Association Céramique La Borne
Trainer: Jean-François Thiérion

Information and reservation

By phone:
Dominique Coenen: +33 (0)683472906
Stéphane Dampierre: +33 (0)665320218 (English)

By e-mail:


You may also contact me for any question about the course.

To register for the throwing course at La Borne and see the Grands Feux...?

October 22nd to 25th +26th