Large and wide

This course is aimed at people who can turn 3 kg without any problems and who wish to switch to larger - or much larger - formats, learning how to turn larger weights and using different assembly techniques.

Day 1: (Both days from 9:00 am to 15:30 pm)
Clay preparation / throwing (exercises)
Review # projects
Throwing of the elements

Day 2:
Assembly of the elements
Presentation # additional techniques
Filling and finishing of parts

For your piece, you can use a clay of your choice or the clay from the workshop (white stoneware).
For the throwing exercises, the clay is at your disposal.
A plate is provided if you wish to take your piece with you at the end of the course.

Necessary material :
A drawing to scale 1 of your piece.
Your throwing tools (otherwise you can use those in the workshop) and a tape measure.

Price :
- Course 280 €, meal/coffee/tea provided

- Piece 1,70 €/kg in the case of the use of the workshop's clay.

Decoration and firing

A one-day training course will be proposed to the participants, in the case of slip decoration (on dry or green). Firing is possible if the workshop's clay (white stoneware) is used.

Prices :
- Course 150 € slip provided (without meal).

- Firing  13,50 €/kg